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How to Lose Weight When You Love Sweets

How to Lose Weight When You Love Sweets

Unless you have a sweet tooth, you truly don’t understand how hard it is to maintain control around a plate of chocolate chip cookies, especially if they’re fresh out of the oven.  A sweet tooth is more than a “strong liking” to peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, or Oreo cheesecake.  It’s a craving and for some, an addiction.  If you have a sweet tooth, how do you lose or maintain your weigh when you constantly want to eat sugary, high fat desserts?

Give yourself a cheat day.  Allow yourself one day of the week to have the desert you want.  Most successful dieters agree that foregoing a particular food often creates more of a desire for it and when you finally give in to that craving guilt sets in which can sway a person to giving up.  Instead, give yourself permission to enjoy that piece of chocolate cake or whatever you desire once a week.  That will give you something to look forward to and you won’t feel too deprived

Eat the real thing.  Nothing feels worst than wanting a piece of apple pie but eating a revised version and not feeling satisfied.  Chances are the low-fat version may not have as much fat but it still has a ton of sugar and calories (and too many calories can cause weight gain).  Don’t settle on nothing less than the real thing; just don’t overdo it.  If you love apple pie, eat one modest slice (and not more than once per week).

Try a Kiss. If you love chocolate, then you may be able to satisfy your sweet and chocolate craving by eating one Hershey Kiss.  One Kiss has less than two calories and although it’s small, it’s full of flavor.  It can satisfy your chocolate fix very quickly without adding inches to your weight line.

Chew gum.  A stick of gum only has five calories and it has been proven that chewing it can curb your appetite.  If you’re looking for something sweet after a meal, pop a piece of strawberry or watermelon flavored gum and your desire for strawberry ice cream may diminish.

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