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Making Time to Exercise

Making Time to Exercise

“I don’t have the time” is arguably the single biggest reason why most women (and even men) do not exercise.   You wake up at 6:00 am, get the kids off to school, go to work, cook dinner, and then it’s time for bed.  Where do you fit in exercise?  How do you fit in exercise?

Finding time for exercise can be a challenge especially for busy moms, career women, or both so here are some ways you can ensure you get your workout in despite your hectic schedule.

First things first…you must make exercise a priority (this is not just a cliché).  Busy people who exercise make it a high priority.

Schedule your exercise as you would other appointments.  Mark your exercise time in your planner or wherever you keep other appointments and treat it like a meeting you cannot miss.

Wake up earlier than your normally scheduled time.  So what if you’re not a “morning person”.  Gyms across the country are filled at 5:00 am with folks who aren’t morning people.  They are there because they have made exercise a priority and they only time they have to get their workout in is early in the morning.   Hate to get up?…Set the alarm, go to bed earlier, and forget the snooze button exists.

Workout during your lunch break.  You may not want to work up a serious sweat in the middle of the workday but find something you can do to get your heart rate up such as brisk walking, climbing the steps, or calisthenics in your office.

Work out while watching TV in the evenings.  If you’re a TV person, that’s ok.  Just make better use of your TV time by multi-tasking with exercise.  If you can, invest in a stationary bike or treadmill and put it near a TV so you can burn calories while watching your favorite shows.  Or….walk in place, do jumping jacks or an activity to get your heart pumping.  Add in crunches during commercials and you’ll see results a lot faster that just sitting and flicking.

Mini workouts are better than no workouts.  If you truly do not have 30 minutes to an hour to spare, set aside 10 to 15 minutes two times a day for a heart-pumping mini workout.  There is evidence that several shorter segments of exercise may be better for reducing body weight and fat than one long workout.  So….jog in place, dance, do jumping jacks, or squats for a 10-15 minute duration.  You’ll burn calories and feel rejuvenated.

Don’t let lack time be the reason why you’re not physically fit.  Exercise and simply living a physically active life has far too many benefits (such as reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes).

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